Story of the CSC Vanilla

Story of the CSC Vanilla

We, CSC Vanilla is a young passionate company dedicated to Farming of Vanilla  and  Processing of Traditional high quality Ceylon Vanilla with ethical and Fairtrade concept and exporting all done by single entity  “CSC vanilla ”.

CSC Vanilla’s origins began in 2015 as an Social Empowerment project by Dinesh Bandara whose having spice family background of up country Sri Lanka .Partnering with a local family in the village of Central province of  Sri Lanka together they established a Ceylon vanilla farmer’s Association that robustly grew into the world renowned humanitarian vanilla brand, CSC Vanilla. Our inspiration is “plant one seeds and grow whole garden”. Together with permaculture guiding principles of Earth care, People care and Fair share.

Our Values

  • Community farming
  • Gender Equality
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Fair trading

Our initiation is the “Sustainability through harvesting” is a Social regenerative project to be established to enhance the Agricultural economy & livelihood of Sri Lanka while protecting the environment & bio diversity of the Country”. The strategic position of the island of Lanka in the Indian Ocean, at middle of the maritime silk route from China to Europe, made it a hub for ancient trade. … In the colonial era, Ceylon was exploited, with the introduction of cash crops such as Coffee, Tea and Rubber, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla and many tropical organic spices which were cultivated.

Sri Lanka also has tiny. 0.02% (2018) world vanilla market share but it is not adequate with current potential. As per our 5 year strategic plan (2018-2025) aims to build 5000 rural vanilla farmer community and aim at least 5% of World share. While, we have developed CSC is The Largest Vanilla farmers association well established in Sri Lanka which has more than 2000 Vanilla farmer community in 10 Districts in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).  Collectively, the predicted Vanilla Harvest will be 5mt by 2023 and established our own processing centers and exporting under our own brand “CSC Vanilla”

And our final aim is to socio economic development of the rural vanilla farmer community in Sri Lanka and becoming well reputed vanilla brand in the world. To move ethically we have introduced single origin “ethical vanilla” to sustainable vanilla industry.

Dinesh  Bandara
Founder CSC

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